When to Use a Semicolon in a Sentence

Semicolons can be one of the most versatile and intriguing punctuation marks in the English language. However, one has to know when to use a semicolon in a sentence.

Indeed, a semicolon checker online can be used for just about any kind of content writing; regardless of whether it is academic writing, content writing, or blogging entertainment.

When You Can Be Confused about How to Use a Semicolon in a Sentence

Unfortunately, despite their richness, some individuals are not adept at when to add a semicolon in a sentence because of the following reasons.

  • People with Poor Punctuation Knowledge: There are some students and writers who do not have the knowledge of when to use a semicolon checker.
  • Foreign Students: Nowadays, many people come to study abroad, and can struggle with correct grammar and punctuation as well, so they can take advantage of modern online tools.
  • ESL Speakers: Additionally, ESL speakers can have a difficult time knowing the difference between commas and semicolons, and how they are used in a sentence.

when to use a semicolon in a sentence structure

How to Correctly Use a Semicolon in Your Content

Here are some of the correct ways of when to use semicolon in a sentence.

  • Semicolons are used when creating a pause when there are two or more clauses in a certain sentence.
  • Additionally, semicolons are also used to substitute periods in a series of sentences to shorten pause duration.
  1. Give me a phone call. We will discuss our future together.
  2. Give me a phone call; we will discuss our future together.
  • Nevertheless, it is advised to only use colon vs semicolon checker in the event that the dependent clause precedes the independent clause. It is not grammatically correct.
  1. Despite working round the clock; the project was unsuccessful. (Incorrect)
  2. Despite working round the clock, the project was unsuccessful. (Correct)
  • Moreover, semicolons are also used before conjunctions such as indeed, however, and namely in a sentence.
  • Last but not least, semicolons are also used to join sentences that are connected with one another in terms of meaning. For example, if there are two sentences and one of them holds the message of the first, then a semicolon can be placed between them.

How to Use Colon and Semicolon Checker for Correct Semicolon Use

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